Pool Parties / Special Events

All pool parties or special events MUST be approved by the pool committee chairman.  Pool parties with 10 or more invited guests must be submitted to Proguard management and the pool committee chairman at least 7 days prior to the event.  Parties with 25 or more attendees may require an extra lifeguard to be booked, depending on the judgement of Proguard management.  This will also depend on the day of the event (weekday, weekend, holiday).

If it is determined that an extra lifeguard will be necessary, lifeguards will be staffed, one for every 25 individuals.  The club member will pay Proguard eighteen dollars per hour for each additional lifeguard necessary, with a minimum of thirty six dollars per event.  Payment must be received by Proguard at the conclusion of the event.

An additional lifeguard will be required for all parties / events where alcohol is served.  During all parties, all children aged 8 and under must be supervised by an adult.  Teenage and college age parties must have at least one adult chaperone for each ten people at the party.  Parties that leave a large mess may be subject to a penalty charge to cover extra clean-up time.

If a club member wishes to cancel, reschedule, or postpone the party, the club member must contact the pool committee chairman at least 24 hours in advance of the original party tme.  A cancellation fee may be assessed at the discretion of Proguard management.  There will be no additional charge to cancel, postpone, or reschedule a party due to inclement weather with a 2 hour notice.

Any unscheduled parties with ten or more attendees may be subject to a charge of $200.  If emergency staffing is available and Proguard staffs an unscheduled party at the last minute, the rate shall be $50 per hour per lifeguard.  If emergency staffing is not available, Proguard reserves the right to close the pool or cancel the party if the party poses a safety risk.

All parties / special events shall conclude by midnight, conform to all normal pool rules, and be respectful of others using the pool during the event.